Science revision, sorted.

Improve your teenager's motivation, confidence and grades in their Science GCSEs.

If your child is in Year 10 or 11 and hasn’t started revising yet, they’re on the fast track to breakdown. No one wants that. 

Help them out right now. Without them thinking you’re nagging, on their case, or that you DON'T UNDERSTAND!

We see you. You’re a damn good parent but something needs to change because your teenager is not on board. They can’t see that they need to start working now for their exams in May and June. That feels like a lifetime away. They don’t understand that what they put in now will pay dividends later.

They want instant gratification.

You want peace. 

You want them to understand what they need to do, you want them to feel the time pressure. You want to be able to live your life knowing that they are revising, that they are doing the right things. You want to know they’re working and revising, not just scrolling on social media or watching YouTube. 

Reality is, as much as we want them to, teenagers won’t learn! They won’t come round to your way of thinking, because, well, they know best.

What we need to do is make the right choice the easy choice.

That’s exactly what our revision sessions do. You book them on and then you are safe in the knowledge that they are doing productive work.

Our revision masterclasses have everything your child needs to make the most of their time.

Our sessions;

  • are suitable for students in Year 10 or 11.

  • are suitable for students studying GCSEs with any of the major Exam boards and for both single and double award.

  • focus on the most commonly confused topics.

  • go through the content step-by-step, in an easy to follow format, at a pace where your child can take notes and ask questions

  • contain real-life past exam questions for your child to practice their knowledge

  • save space at the end of each session for your child to ask questions.

  • encourage questioning from the students and develop confidence.

Testimonials from Previous students

You're an absolute've done so much for H's confidence, made her feel empowered and help her 'open up' - can't thank you enough.

I just want to say a really big thank you to you for all your effort and support. I really appreciate it and it really made a massive difference for me. I literally went from a person that didn't understand anything to a person who could confidently answer questions. 

E said she thinks her biology paper was great. She knew the 4 and 6 mark questions and feels very confident about it. She was even smiling telling me about how well she thinks it went.